Energy Reduction in China

Year: 2015 - ongoing
Location: China
Sector: Mining and Industrial
Service delivered: Energy Management Technical Programme Management and Mentoring

ClearLead has provided technical programme management and mentoring support to ICL – an international fertiliser and chemicals company – on its global energy reduction programme since 2013.

In 2015, ICL entered into a joint venture with a phosphate mine and fertiliser plant in China that spends tens of millions of dollars a year on energy. ClearLead was asked to identify 10% energy savings, and to support the site’s engineering and management teams.

ClearLead’s energy team spent four months coordinating detailed analysis of production and mining facility energy data. We then worked with team of internal experts from ICL’s plants around the world, and with local engineering teams, to implement a step change in management behaviour, bringing energy efficiency to the forefront of daily plant management.

On completion, 98 viable energy efficiency projects were presented to the plant’s board, who agreed a two-year investment plan which delivered savings with an overall payback of just over four months.

The programme delivered energy savings of nearly 30%, far exceeding the 10% target. Since this project, ICL staff in China have continued to identify and implement further energy saving projects thanks to ClearLead’s training.