Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Year: 2010 - ongoing
Location: Taunton, Somerset, UK
Sector: Healthcare
Service delivered: Energy Performance Contract support

ClearLead have been providing strategic energy consultancy support to the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust since 2010 in connection with the Monitoring & Verification (M&V) of their Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The Trust was one of the first in the UK to consider this approach to deliver significant energy and water savings.  Major projects and investment were undertaken including the installation of new central steam boilers, a combined heat and power (CHP) unit, new chillers, as well as a multitude of other saving activities including a complete upgrade of the hospital's Building Management System (BMS).

In parallel the Trust established a large team of energy champions across the hospital and a hearts and minds initiative continues to deliver complementary saving to the technical fixes.  The success of this project was recognised by the UK's Department of Health in 2013/14 that it ranked the Trust as the most efficient of its size in the whole of the UK.


For internal Audit purposes, ClearLead established an M&V methodology to track the performance of the EPC which reported back to the Trust’s Finance Committee on a regular basis. This dynamically analysed the underlying energy and water performance of the main hospital site in Taunton against the backdrop of physical changes to the estate as well as changes in use within both the hospital’s clinical and non-clinical areas.

ClearLead also support the Trust with its carbon compliance issues.  This included the development of its CRC evidence pack and undertaking regular internal audits of its CRC procedures and CHPQA activities.