Year: 2013 - ongoing
Location: Global
Sector: Mining and Industrial
Service delivered: Energy Management Technical Programme Management and Mentoring

ClearLead provides Technical Programme Management and mentoring support to ICL on its Global Energy Reduction programme. Around 15 of the company's largest sites account for approximately 75% of the total energy spend. The initial focus on these sites has involved mentoring the site engineering and production teams so that they became able to identify energy cost saving improvements themselves.

This approach has successfully delivered many $millions of energy cost savings annually. Due to the success of this programme, ICL achieved in 2014 the top 'A' performance score in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) assessment of its GHG management, and was included in the CPLI (Carbon Performance Leadership Index) - an exclusive list of global companies that have excelled in emission reduction and climate change mitigation. These achievements place ICL amongst the 150 highest scores amongst all global companies. ClearLead’s service includes providing global support to all ICL’s sites on energy issues, and identifying new technologies and low carbon schemes that will deliver benefits in the future.