The 100 day challenge

ClearLead offers a new opportunity to make energy savings through behavioural change: join the Energy Institute’s “100-Day Challenge”!

James and Jess recently attended the Energy Institute’s two day conference and workshop on the forthcoming 100-Day Behaviour Change Challenge initiative.  The main aim of the initiative is to encourage companies to use energy specialists and psychologists to implement behaviour change programs to reduce energy consumption over a 100-day period.  The combination of energy specialists, who can identify areas of improvement, and psychologists, who understand staff behaviour and can design effective intervention measures, should help to maximise the savings made through changing employee behaviour.  The 100-Day Challenge will launch this summer and conclude before the Energy Institute awards in November 2017.  For more information about the 100-Day challenge and how to get involved, see the link below or contact James or Jess at ClearLead:


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