Hilton Worldwide

Year: 2015
Location: Europe, Middle East and Africa Region
Sector: Hospitality
Service delivered: Energy and Water Strategy Development

Hilton Hotels is one of the world's most iconic brands in the hospitality sector, and operates over 200 hotels in the EMEA region.  Hilton is a world leader in sustainability and energy efficiency, and engaged ClearLead to help it formulate a clear, practical strategy to help it optimise its energy and water use, as part of its on-going programme and commitments to ensure "Operational Excellence". The strategy brings together a range of proven measures designed to ensure optimum, cost-effective performance, drawing on timely data acquisition and reporting, team engagement, optimisation of assets and targeted capital investment in energy and water efficiency technology and low carbon energy generation techniques.


Following the full adoption of the recommendations of the Energy Strategy, there are a range of subsequent activities planned or ongoing. These include better understanding of the high level energy and water data collated by the individual hotels and targeting of the worst performing hotels measured against a number of different parameters.  ClearLead have also been engaged to help Hilton to develop and deliver a number of tools including audit protocols, financial appraisal tools and case studies on selected technologies.